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Welcome to your new home!

Pixie Properties is a new level of living that gives you a unique environment with a designers touch. 

We have designed our interiors to give you that trendy "wow" factor when you walk through the door.  Unique touches such as fireplaces, new appliances, unusual materials set Pixie Properties apart.

Our tenants are considered part of the family.  We have a community approach to our management style and work closely with the city of Grand Rapids, our management team, family and friends to establish a relationship with our tenants.  We host monthly social events to get to know our tenants, enabling us to respond better to their needs. 

Part of our philosophy is to buy up properties that have been neglected in the past and restore them to a new luster.   It is the perfect opportunity to get into a new Pixie and be an observer in the restoration process.  Many of our properties are occupied by previous tenants who can see the changes first hand as a  property comes to new life.

Although we keep a transparent form of management with compliance organizations, we protect our tenants privacy.  All of our buildings utilize state of the art electronic locks for maximum convenience and security of our tenants. 

We are converting our systems to enable our tenants to use the internet more for payment and communications. 

When we work together we can accomplish amazing things. . .including a wonderful home for you to come home to.

Give us a call for current listings that are available. 

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